What to see in Thailand: Top 10 places

Picturesque beaches, exotic nature, ancient history and culture create a mind-blowing cocktail of impressions that attracts tourists to Thailand. It is not surprising that millions of travelers come to Phuket, Koh Samui and other resorts every year. There are a lot of attractions in the country. Travel experts Poehalisnami.kz has prepared a rating of famous locations that will allow tourists to make a list of what you can see in Thailand in the first place. 

Top 10 tourist places of the Kingdom

Architectural and historical monuments

    • Ayutthaya is a city located 70 km from the capital, where majestic Buddhist temples are built. If you want to get acquainted with the unique palace architecture, you can take a walk around the Wang Luang Palace, where the emperor lived in the XIII century. 

What to see in Thailand: Top 10 places

  • Sukhothai is an ancient city where Khmers lived in the XIII century. Its main tourist location is the Buddha statue.
  • The Temple of the Golden Buddha, which is located in Bangkok. The largest statue of a spiritual teacher made of gold is installed on the territory of the complex. The weight of the attraction is over 5 tons. 
  • Royal Palace location, located in the Thai capital. It is a spacious complex with numerous buildings and temples. The residence is still used by the royal family. 
  • Chiang Mai Old Town is an interesting attraction for those who do not know what to see in the north of Thailand. You will enjoy walking along the old streets and looking at ancient buildings. It is worth visiting the temple of Chedi Luang, where an old eucalyptus grows, in which, according to beliefs, the spirit of the city lives. 

What to see in Thailand: Top 10 places

The natural attractions of the country

Are breathtaking natural resources of the country. Among the most famous locations, you should definitely visit:

  • Phuket is a resort that attracts excellent conditions for diving and beach holidays. There are golf courses, comfortable hotels and cultural attractions. 
  • Koh Samui is another resort with a picturesque nature. Tourists who are interested in what to see on the islands in Thailand, we recommend looking at waterfalls and unusual rocks “Grandfather and Grandmother”.
  • Nong Nooch — tropical garden with an area of 240 hectares near Pattaya. Here you can walk among orchids and cacti, observe the life of birds, butterflies, insects. 
  • Lumpini — a park in Bangkok, created by order of the king. It is worth noting in your itinerary if you are vacationing with a child. On the territory of 57 hectares there are playgrounds, a library, jogging and walking paths.
  • Doi Inthanon is a national park with the highest mountain in the country. It is called the “roof of Thailand”. In the park you can admire waterfalls, stroll through the rainforests, have dinner in a cozy restaurant and buy souvenirs.

What to see in Thailand: Top 10 places

This is only a small part of what is interesting to see in Thailand. The list can be continued indefinitely, and it’s impossible to fit everything into one article. Surely during your trip around the Kingdom you will discover other exciting locations.

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