Where to rest on Nauryz abroad and in Kazakhstan?

It is still quite cool in Kazakhstan in March, so many people want to spend the festive spring holidays by going on a trip to warm countries with family or friends. Such a holiday on Nauryz abroad is very popular, so you should take care of buying a ticket in advance. Travel managers of the company “Come with us” will not only choose the best tour option according to your wishes and budget, but also recommend the best destinations for a spring trip to the sea.

Where to rest on Nauryz abroad and in Kazakhstan?

Briefly about the holiday

Nauryz (Novruz) is a national holiday of spring renewal. In Kazakhstan, it is celebrated on March 21, the day of the equinox. It is Nauryz that embodies the arrival of spring and the birth of everything new in nature. Traditionally, many Kazakhstanis dress up in festive national costumes, go to visit each other, wishing their loved ones well-being and joy in the new year. The national dish “nauryz-kozhe” is always present on the tables during the celebration. This special soup symbolizes good luck, health, joy, well-being, wisdom, growth and protection.

Where to rest on Nauryz abroad and in Kazakhstan?

Top countries: celebrating Nauryz by the sea

When choosing a resort for a long-awaited vacation, it is worth considering the preferences of each traveler. Someone wants to bask on the beach and swim in the warm sea, and someone likes to spend time usefully, visiting all kinds of excursions. Someone likes an active and extreme vacation, and someone can’t imagine a vacation without shopping. Holidays in Kazakhstan on Nauryz can be quite interesting, but why not treat yourself to an exciting spring trip to the sea?

  • Egypt 

The resorts of the country offer tourists a wide selection of hotels for every budget, all kinds of excursions and entertainment. At the end of March, warm, comfortable weather is established here and strong winds subside. It is especially good to spend such a vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh to swim in the sea, observe the colorful underwater world of coastal coral gardens and taste local cuisine.

Where to rest on Nauryz abroad and in Kazakhstan?

  • UAE

The resorts of the Emirates are ideal for lovers of beach relaxation. In March, the beginning of the bathing season here. Shopping fans will be able to appreciate the variety of shopping centers and the high level of service in hotels and restaurants.

  • Thailand

Many people ask the question: “How many days of rest on Nauryz?» We answer: « Just enough to have time to enjoy the clear sea, excellent weather and original cuisine of Thailand ». Tours to the resorts of the country are pleasing with reasonable prices for the spring period. In addition, the rainy season has not yet begun in Pattaya and Phuket, so a vacation is likely to succeed.

  • Turkey

Since it is still cool enough in Turkey at the end of March for beach relaxation, it is worth considering sightseeing tours for the trip. The country is famous for ancient unique architectural monuments that are worth attention. Visit Cappadocia, Istanbul, Pamukkale to take vivid photos and replenish the piggy bank of vivid impressions!

Where to rest on Nauryz abroad and in Kazakhstan?


  • Vietnam

How to relax on Nauryz to get the most pleasure from traveling? Perhaps it is worth choosing Vietnamese resorts. In March, you can enjoy stunning landscapes and blooming gardens here. Excellent new hotels are located in resorts such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, and the sea is always warm and calm. Nauryz tour to Vietnam is the perfect solution for a family trip!

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